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G H Moore & Son is a family
owned retail and manufacturing
jewellers, established in 1965,
and is located in the Birmingham
jewellery quarter.

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  • If you have a problem with a wedding ring that doesn’t sit well with your engagement ring, we can create one that will follow the contours of your ring, closing the gap between both rings.
  • This reduces the wear between the two rings and also looks a lot neater.
  • To achieve this we would need to borrow your engagement ring for a short time to get a perfect fit.
  • All work is carried out on our premises therefore your ring never leaves our shop.
  • White Gold is an alloy of gold and various white metals such as silver and palladium are added to gold to change it’s colour.
  • White gold is not strictly white, it has a yellowish tint. To overcome this problem most white gold is rhodium plated.
  • Rhodium is one of the platinum family of metals which is hard wearing and gives the item a much whiter appearance. Rhodium does wear off over a period of time, 1 – 3 years depending on wear but it can be re-plated as necessary.
  • Platinum on the other hand is a very pure white metal which will also keep its colour and never need rhodium plating.
  • Platinum is a very dense metal and will nearly be twice the weight if the same item in gold. The only downside is that it is twice the price of 18ct Gold.
GH Moore & Son
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